Firefighter Meets Little Red Riding Hood

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And they
like each other. This red patent leather rain jacket from Topshop is perfect
for long walks in the woods when you want to visit your grandma once again. And
at the same time it resembles a firefighter’s coat well enough to be asked to help
get that kitten off that tree. I wanted to post this since forever, so don’t be
worried about me catching a cold in this outfit, haha. It doesn’t make much
sense anyway. I mean – sunglasses and raincoats belong together like soups and forks.
They don’t. I’m probably never going to put this jacket to good use in a sense
of wearing it in the rain. I rarely take the weather into account when I get
dressed: sunshine? Rainjacket! Winter? Short Skirt! Dressing according to my
mood already is enough of a task.
Anyhow, lip pattern is my favourite print right now. And my favourite bag shape. And my favourite necklace too! I have a whole lip collection at home by now.

Jacket: Topshop │ Shirt: Asos │ Flats: Benetton │ Beanie: DIY │ Sunglasses and handbag: Vintage

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