Geisha In Skinny Jeans

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Winter and autumn colours are nice and all, but I really don’t see why I should dress in grey, black and burgundy for six months straight. I’m like the little girl who comes to school wearing a pink glittery princess dress: I wear what I feel like wearing. A bit stubborn? Well, maybe!

This really
isn’t a typical winter look, but wearing it on a rainy day made a lot of people
smile. I can’t think of an outfit I wore ever before that seemed to brighten up
other people’s days in such a way. My flowers got watered throughout the day
but even I felt a bit more positive! When we started taking pictures I just
couldn’t stop spinning around – I love how the kimono flies. I will surely wear a few
romantic dresses under the kimono when it’s getting warmer again but this time
I wanted to keep it as simple and modern as possible.
I found
this original Japanese silk kimono on an online second hand marketplace
(Kleiderkreisel), but for reasons I can’t recall (probably of financial nature)
I didn’t buy it immediately. I actually waited about three whole months and
watched the seller reduce the price more and more until it wasn’t even half of what
she first wanted. That was my time to shine! I had successfully waited her down
and finally bought the kimono for 40€.

Jeans: Cheap Monday via Coutie*│Silk kimono: Second hand (Japan)│Top: H&M│Flower Crown: Asos   

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