Great White Shark Heels

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approached and sucked me into a deep no-blogging hole. I wish I could tell you the
reason for that was that I spent my time on a hammock between two palm trees on
the Bahamas, but sadly I just had to write all of my exams at once. This
semester was just half as long as the others because we will be doing
internships now. That’s why it was way more stressful. Well, maybe I would have
had time for blogging if I didn’t go to parties every single weekend for the
past months without a break but sometimes my life is more tempting than a
computer screen. But now I swept the glitter and the confetti from my keyboard
to finally dust my blog. There is quite a lot I have to show you!

But first –
do you see these amazing shark shoes? They look as if the great white shark
turned into high heels. And they are so comfy, you wouldn’t believe it! When I
walk they don’t make click click click, they make bam bam bam bam babaaaam (*image jaws
theme song*). Today my sharkies are caught in black nets aka fishnet socks. 
The little fluffy balls are very spontaneous and very fast DIY earrings.

Kiss Shirt: Vintage │ Shark heels: Office │ Earrings: DIY │ Fake Fur Jacket: Ebay │ Fishnet socks: Asos   

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