Gutter Horror

I’m having some kind of lucky streak right now and my days are a sequence of lucky coincidences: 

1. A fashion design student spontaneously asked me to model for her fitting session for a bit of fast extra money.
2. When I was desperately looking for models myself for a photo project, I bumped into a model agent at my university who immediately helped me out.
3. Today I organized an old TV for the same project and the guy selling it was nice enough to carry it all the way to the metro station nearby. I still had to carry this unbelievably huge television over 1km to my house on my own, but that still counts as luck in comparison haha.
4. I found an age-old voucher in my purse when paying for new make-up and got it for free.
Life gives me strawberries and I could really get used to that!


This was my outfit for the Halloween party yesterday. In the evening I pimped this look with a blood necklace, a bling bling tear and dark two-coloured lipstick. When others asked what that was supposed to be I just pretended I was the gothic version of Miley Cyrus with a sliced throat.

Fishnet shirt: Thrifted │ Skirt: H&M │ Boots: Thrifted │ Necklace (big): Asos │ Necklace (small): India     

It’s not Miley without the cow tongue ;D

The „elaborate“ accessories I added later to make it a „costume“: (for my defence, I really didn’t have the time for more, I even glued the tear on my face when I was already in the metro haha)

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