Hands Around My Neck

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I could nearly work at an office like this. Nearly. Like, from top to ankles. I really love how my wedges from Jeffrey Campbell dominate every look – it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing above, you’ll always look badass with those, even though it’s kind of a clash.
But what I like most about my outfit today is this hands collar. It’s such a cute detail! It reminds me a little of the surrealistic artists of the past – we are currently talking about this at my fashion history course at university. Dresses with drawers, a cup in fur or earrings that look like a bird’s nest in the outer ear… not the most practical things but those were fascinating moments in art history. And sometimes you just can’t distinguish art from fashion. I’m currently working on an assignment about the artist Meret Oppenheim, she created the cup and the earrings I mentioned, but is known for her surrealistic paintings and sculptures. As I did more and more research I really started liking her for not only her work, but also for her feminist, humorous and strong character and her interesting lifestyle. It’s funny how persons who aren’t even alive anymore live on in the things they accomplished and manage to draw you into their world. I bet she would have liked that collar!
Actually I
first saw this design at Vivetta – their fashion is unbelievably cute, but also
something I’d have to kill a few piggy banks for. I found this shirt at
Persunmall and it looks confusingly similar, while it costs only about 14€ and
not 277€ like the Vivetta one. That made me and my piggy bank very happy.

My beloved
watch from Daniel Wellington.

Shirt: Persunmall*│Skirt: Vintage│Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell│Velvet bow: Etsy│Watch: Daniel Wellington

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