Hey Grandma I Would Love To Come For Tea

When it was a bit warmer, 3 weeks ago or so, I dared to go toe-free one last time. I look like a wannabe daughter-in-law trying to impress the skeptical jury of her beloved’s family members with grandma-pants and a hand-knitted cardigan.
A bit contrary to that little picture, I spent the weekend somewhat differently: 
My grandma actually invited me for tea, but I couldn’t come because I was still at Berghain. 


I already had a good start into the weekend when I went to the labyrinth below the Wilde Renate on Friday. You enter it on your own and blindfolded, then you crawl into a world of weird caves that make you feel like Alice in Wonderland on drugs caught in a nightmare. I’m not telling more – only that I really really recommend going there. On my way home I found a handbag and had to organize giving it back to its owner with the phone I found in it. When I arrived home I heard that the neighbors who recently moved in threw an opening party for their student flat share. I didn’t know them, but spontaneously decided to join in, which was the best decision I could have made. The party was the reason why I was extremely tired when I had to get up the next morning for the photo shoot me and a fellow student had organized for our booklet. 2 models coming too late, 2 annoyed managers, 1 patient photographer, 1 little helper, 1 closed railway, 1 angry taxi driver and ice cold weather – it was exhausting. I just dropped into bed right after and only came back to life after 24 o’clock to drink a few beers and go dancing. 


Lace shirt: Vintage 1€ │ Hand knitted cardigan: Vintage │ Pants&sandals: Asos │ Headband: Accessorize

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