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Do you know what I like doing on a
rainy summer day? Planning my next sunny summer days! While it was raining the last few days I thought about the festivals that I’ll go to, which cities I’ll visit, on which open airs I’ll dance, which events I’ll attend and of course: What clothes I’ll wear!
So far I have:
Upcoming festivals: Fusion, “Plötzlich
am Meer”, Nation of Gondwana. Upcoming city trips: Amsterdam next week. Upcoming
events: „Grand white dinner“ by a palace and a classical concert in a swimming pool. 
I am so looking
forward to all of that! Now that we got that sorted, here come my top 4 summer
looks, complete with matching swimwear for spontaneous jumps into the pool. I
found all the clothes at Fashion ID (thanks to their kind support). 
#1 The Playful

Bikini topBikini bottom Adidas Pineapple topDenim dungareesShopper bagJelly sandals       

#2 The Elegant

Bikini with fringesPrint skirt Crop top Necklace Braided clutchStudded sandals                        

#3 The Relaxed

Leo Bikini TopLeo Bikini bottomT-ShirtJeans shortsNecklace Gladiator sandals Leo gym bag 

#4 The Bohemian

Net swimsuit Maxi skirt Basic blue top Spiked necklaceBag with fringes Flower sandals             

Since I saw Imogen Poots in “A Long
Way Down” wearing denim dungarees I want some so badly! Definitely a soon-to-buy-item,
which makes #1 my personal favourite.
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