Gipsy Magic

If „Harry Potter“ ever had an alternative ending where Arthur Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange surprisingly hooked up with each other and had children, I would be the result. But I would be one of the good ones, casting nothing but love spells. Or I would live deep in the Forbidden Forest, where I would hunt fairies or ride my hippogriff.
In this dress, I’m up to other fun as well: Dancing around a large campfire on a dark hill all night long with the other witches at full moon, building a ginger bread house to catch some tasty kids, or haunting American teenagers who got lost in my forest and who are filming their misfortune with a bad digicam.


I know this dress is very hippie. Like, really really hippie. I just had to have it, just to make it another curiosity in my colourful wardrobe! If anybody is ready for playing tag on brooms, just call me. Eh, I mean: just send me an owl.

Dress: Coco’s Fortune │ Boots: Zara │ Necklace: Melbourne                                                             


For all
Germans – I learned a song about a witch in elementary school and will never
forget it:                

Die alte Moorhexe hext im Teufelsmoor herum,

dreht sich wild im Tanze um, lacht sich schief und
lacht sich krumm,


wenn die Tiere ängstlich wittern und die Kinder
alle zittern,



hält die ganze Welt für dumm, hext herum, hext

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