4 Casual Summer Looks With A Pearl Necklace

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Sometimes I
like my outfits colourful, sometimes I like them a bit trashy, but sometimes I like
them classy. And which accessory makes everything look classy (okay, everything
but pink leopard print tops)? Right,
a real pearl necklace. I actually think that a pretty pearl necklace should be
one of the essentials in a true lady’s wardrobe – and those things last forever.
If you don’t want to wait for beloved family members to pass away and bequest
you one, you can choose the tearless and fast way and go buy one yourself. Online
I found a necklace made of white shell based pearls (click). If that’s not
enough you can also get a necklace made of real
pearls at the same online shop too (if you have the coin$).

So as a proof for my thesis and as a little ode to sassy classy pearl necklaces, I put together 4 casual outfits
which definitely look a lot better when you add a certain little detail:

Fringe CardiganTopFlower pantsPink SandalsRose BlouseBlack denim shortsRed sandals

Blue dressFrill socks Platform trainersSatin heart top Leather skirtBlack sandals                   

Contrary to
the obvious way to combine a pearl necklace (everything Chanel-like: simple
black dresses and boucle jackets for example) these looks are supposed to demonstrate
a bit of the potential that this shimmery decoration has : get creative!
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