Iceland Part 2: Northern Lights, Rotten Sharks And Volcanoes

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You might
get a glimpse of how fascinating and surreal Iceland can be by visiting the
highlands – that wild part in the middle of the country you can only reach by
driving on bumpy dirt roads. We didn’t want to drive on dirt roads – we chose
not to drive on any roads at all and followed some sort of “path” into the
wilderness. It lead us trough rivers, over mountains and valleys while we didn’t
see a single other person the whole day. This emptiness of the landscape was..
strange. Not even trees can grow there, only a bit of moss here and there. At
dusk we reached the valley with the holiday cottage we rented and at night we
saw the northern lights for the first time in our lives. I remember how I
checked outside and was disappointed to see nothing – ten minutes later the
whole sky was full of dancing neon green lights and a hint of pink. Hastily we went
to the car and drove further into the valley to lay down on the soft moss and
watched the show above us. The next day started with a hike to the next thermal
spring, where we went skinny-dipping. It was already off-season, which is great
because you have the landscape all for yourself and see Iceland change into the
warm colours of autumn, but also a bit dangerous since it could start snowing
every minute – which it didn’t, luckily. On our way back to Reykjavik we
stopped on a lava field and climbed on a volcano that looked as if it belonged
to Mordor and not to Iceland.

Circles in the moss?
On top of the volcano – It was very hard to climb that high on the loose ground and it took us over an hour. There is nothing made by man in this picture except the road at the foot of the mountain. And that big white thing at the horizon is a glacier between two other volcanoes:
also did a little bit of horse riding on these cute Icelandic horses:
Aaand we
still didn’t have enough of adventures (like, ever) so we went to explore a
cave all on our own. The cave was created when hot lava cleaved its way outside
– the walls of the cave are melted black stone and the ground consisted of loose
hills of big rocks we somehow had to climb. The entry was pleasant but it was a tough job once we were completely in the dark:
Do you know
what they like eating in Iceland? Rotten deep sea shark! Yeah, weird country,
weird people, I guess. It tasted like the worst kind of old cheese:
I could
tell you 1001 funny, weird or adventurous stories about Iceland, but I won’t
because it might take forever. Let me close by saying: Iceland has left me

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