Interior Inspiration: Finding The Perfect Pillow

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I’m one of those girls who loves putting rather useless pillows everywhere just for decoration. “God no, of course you can’t touch them” is what I yell at new, clueless guests who are just trying to make themselves comfortable. It’s supposed to look comfy, but please don’t destroy my arrangement, haha! Or do you know those mean people who are keeping lots of colourful sweets in a jar – but you can’t eat even one of them because they’re supposed to be just decoration? Yeah, guilty, I’m one of them. But however, I think we agree that small decorations are the cherry on the cake which makes a home a home. So, as an obviously rather big pillow fan, I put together a few sweet finds from across the web:

1,2,3: WITT Weiden / 4,5: Zara Home

I really like the idea of knitted pillows, they look so comfy! And adding some teal and burgundy accents to your living room might be a good idea for darker themed furniture – they make great soft touches of colour. The marble effect on pillow No. 3 is kinda cool and would perfectly fit into a room with lots of plants, wood and nature details. 4 and 5 probably are the best choice for all the grown-up princesses who aren’t waiting for their prince charming anymore and started building their own perfect castle – with lots of fluffy pillows.

1,2: WITT Weiden / 3,4: Homemade Thailand

Okay No. 1 HAD to be in the collage – I’m crazy about pugs. Even the cursor on my laptop is a pug – It’s driving everyone crazy who’s trying to use it haha. Just look at those eyes: How can you not need this pillow right now?! No. 3 and 4 are designs from Thailand. I love bright patterns and just visited Chiang Mai, the little town where they produce lots and lots of Thailand’s best handicraft. Those two pillows come directly from that place if you order them on Etsy.
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