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With all
these festivities coming up it was about time for an elegant outfit post. I don’t
celebrate Christmas once, I celebrate it a hundred times due to all these “Before
Christmas tea”, “Christmas dinner”, “2nd Christmas dinner”,“Day
after Christmas dinner”-family gatherings. The eating won’t stop and as long as
I can wear tight skirts, I will. I hope you guys already have bought your
presents because I haven’t and I’m starting to panic. Today I bought 24€ worth
of chocolate at my favourite Christmas market stall – I only get to eat those
once a year. It’s all for myself. And that was kind of my last money since I
just bought a new coat and a ton of other clothes.. again. I hope everyone else
will be okay with hard candy this year. I really miss those times when all I
had to do was paint anything on a piece of paper and everyone was happy.

Cropped sweater and skirt: Asos │ Earrings: Topshop │ Wedges: Office

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