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I went to a homeparty like this and borrowed my mom’s boyfriend’s leather jacket. The intention was to combine something girly with something rougher looking. It was a birthday party and the host came up with some weird ideas like handing out playing cards to everyone so you could address people like that and write a secret note to, let’s say, queen of spades. They would then show the message on a screen over the DJ. It didn’t make any sense because there were more people at the party than there are cards in a set and every card appeared twice. Also, all the messages were something like „Nice ass bro“ and I think the host thought it would turn out romantic, haha! Anyway, I kept my card: The joker. I’ll sew it on the jacket (and never return it haha).

Top: Daisy Street | Jeans: Asos | Boots: Dr Martens

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