Leopard, Panther, Raven

It’s my own fault that I turn into an icicle during these awfully cold months because I refuse to dress properly. I don’t like pants, I don’t like scarfs, I don’t like hats pushing down my hair. But I like surviving, so I needed to make some compromises. This is actually the first really warm winterjacket I’ve bought in ages and I had to be talked into it. Literally. I usually wear coats made for autumn or spring temperatures, it’s so much easier to find a nice one of those. BUT somehow this jacket convinced me because it still manages to flatter my figure and fits very well (or it was the fact that I’d freeze to death without it). And I’ve found a hat which fits well enough to not ruin my hair every time I’m wearing it. Even the outfit I’m wearing below the jacket is warm and comfy. Winter, this time you lose!
Oh and I finally managed to get some curls into my hair (I had some help), I wish it could look like this every day! I dyed it at the bottom, too.
P.S.: I have a new boyfriend, he’s one of the hairy kind but unfortunately he’s really short.

Hat: Thrifted │ Jacket: Zara │ Cardigan: Benetton │ Top: Thrifted │Bracelet: Vintage                           



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