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You can’t just be an average loser to deserve a loser rosette, you have to fail big time. You have to earn it, only then you can wear it proudly. Just like me: I ordered this rosette at 4 in the morning the night before my accounting exam. The accounting exam I failed when trying it the first time and which I deferred after this long loser night, because I didn’t feel ready for it. In two days there will be an accounting exam again and I’m pretty sure I won’t be there. I know I can’t run away from it forever, one day I will really have to sit down and learn how accounting works. But I really really don’t want to. Not that you get a false impression: I used to be good at school and very dedicated, but for some reason I don’t have that energy anymore. I became part of generation C – C for Clueless. I became a self-caused, female version of “Bad luck Brian”.
Does a story like “working with a friend on a project (you should have finished weeks ago) for many hours at her place, suddenly losing all files because of a broken USB-stick, smoking a bit instead, missing the last train home, having to take a taxi and finding the guy who was waiting for you since forever asleep on your staircase” sound familiar? Then you might be a loser too! Other symptoms could include: dropping out of university, being too lazy to leave the bed most days, basically just sucking at life! If that describes you, you better order a loser rosette too at the Dearcolleen’s Etsy shop – I even got a postcard and a magnet along with my order with the slogan “ I think you’re more awesome than 2-Pac on a unicorn” and the matching cute drawing on them. That cheered me up a little.

I just watched
the black-and-white tragicomedy “Oh boy” about a troubled guy struggling to
find his place in my hometown Berlin. A movie about me with the title “Oh girl”
would somehow be a fitting description of my life. (And I highly recommend watching
“Oh boy” by the way)

Net top: Thrifted│Pinafore dress: Bank fashion│Rosette: Dearcolleen│Boots: Office│Skull ring: Ebay    

Note to
self: never cut your own fringe at 7 in the morning when you’re in a hurry.


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