Me Vs. A Shellys London Model

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Shellys London

I’m not going to lie, introducing a new category where I make myself compete against runway queens or models in ads is probably the best way to score an own goal. It’s like a self-inflicted David&Goliath scenario! However, I’ll do it anyway and show you the latest style inspiration I found in a magazine: It’s a model in a Shellys London ad. When I saw her I immediately thought: you own that top, you have similar shoes – you need a dress like that! No sooner said than done – I am now the happy owner of a cute pinafore dress and simply copied her look. This was the first time I turned into a complete copy cat, but I don’t think there is anything bad about it. Actually, it was quite fun!

What do you think: Did I hit the mark or not?


Pinafore dress: Bank Fashion* │ Print dress: Topshop │ Heels: Jeffrey Campbell │ Earrings: Gogo Philip
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