Monochrome Daisy

Do you know what it’s like when you spill some liquid on the floor, forget about it and a week later there’s a tiny plant growing on your carpet? Me neither, but my outfit looks as if someone spilled a drink in a fetish stripclub and somehow a tiny, delicate daisy started growing out of the puddle.
What looks like a plain skirt viewed from the front actually is a pair of very revealing shorts with a splitted skirt attached. I love how it first seems usual and then has this “wow”-effect at the sides. The top itself already is a mix of innocent and daring: faux leather plus see-through crocheted flower pattern. I thought I adopt its motif and combined it with contradicting accessories.


This actually is one of my favourite looks so far, probably because I somehow felt my(inner)self perfectly represented by my choice of garments ..and because I love every single piece in that combination
Skort: Asos │ Top: Asos │Shoes: Office │Ring: Grandpa │Bracelet: Mango │ Sunglasses: Asos                                                                     


jk luv ya
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