Monochrome Stripe Nail Design


Minimalist designs don’t usually appear on my nails, but due to the latest monochrome trend I thought it would be fun to think of the simplest look possible which would still be somehow edgy. A stripe. Didn’t take me long thinking haha ;D Now it reminds me of sushi rolls, fingerless mittens and those censorship bars on convict faces!

As a fast „french manicure“ I firstly put a nurturing base coat on my nails. I applied a topcoat too, because otherwise the tape could demolish the layers below. It’s important to wait until it’s completely dry. Because the look depends on a perfect stripe, I didn’t mess around with a nail art striper and simply stuck tape on both ends of my nails. I left out the part in the middle, where I applied black polish. Clean and fast the stripes were done!
If you
trust your freehand skills, try it out with a striper
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