Nightwear Into Day Wear

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I never
thought it would happen but: I have a fabric crush. I love satin! Tops, pants,
dresses – this sleek look simply pulls it off. You could show me anything made
of satin and I would probably love it. Satin will always look a bit like nightwear
but that makes it kinda sexy. This dress is from Motel and because it has such
a low-cut back I decided to wear a white t-shirt underneath. First I thought
midi-length was cool but I spontaneously let it get shortened last week haha.
The outfit is super 90s on purpose, next time I’ll probably wear the dress with
a big fat leather jacket and boots.
boyfriend took the pictures in Kreuzberg (Berlin) close to where I live. It
looks like the deepest ghetto under the bridges but luckily it’s not haha, it’s
actually quite nice. Like most areas in Berlin they are gentrifying it by
opening new parks and nice cafes. I don’t know how long there will be graffiti
on these walls. If you ask me, they should just leave it that way.

Dress: Motel│Miu Miu inspired sunglasses: Topshop│Necklace and belt:Cheap Monday│Shoes: Asos

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