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As a fashion student I’m naturally excited when such a big event like the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin takes place in my town. But my student life also put obstacles in my way when I actually wanted to attend some events: my wonderful university decided that right now, at the week of the MBFWB, was the right time to schedule all of our exams. Since it’s an outright fashion academy, somebody might not be very good at creating timetables. They even send us invitations to some shows, but then they always go like “Oh, but you should better be learning”. My email account is a lonely desert of rejected event invitations. The most irritating thing about this is that before university started, they promised us that we would even have time off to attend the Fashion Week. But now we don’t only have no time off, we have all these exams in addition.
At least I had time for one event, where a hand full of designers presented their work at “Music Meets Fashion Berlin” (16.01.14). I really can’t say that I liked everything, but what really stood out in my opinion was the label Perlensäue

The name the designer duo from Berlin came up with is already great! It wasn’t the first time I saw their jewellery collection, and I must admit that I’m a big fan of their eye-catching and brave designs. They make accessories such as face cages, huge geometrical earrings, exaggerated studded PVC collars and striking necklaces. Michaela Schäfer and Sarah Knappik, two german Z-celebs (known for nothing) recently wore Perlensäue designs and I really hope that non-embarrassing people/celebs will start wearing this label, too. You can check out their online shop here: their designs start at 50€ – that’s still affordable!
Jewellery from Perlensäue (via)
collection I really liked was from the two ESMOD students Dinh Hanisch. They are only beginners and just started designing,
but I still think that their collection is cooler than some of the designers’ at
the bigger MBFWB shows. What they presented looked futuristic, clean and
Now excuse
me while I’m jealously browsing fashion blogs before applying myself to my
business studies book again.
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