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This Asos coat with brushed, heavy wool brought me through the winter for just 70€ instead of the 140€ pre-sale: Yeay! For even more comfy warmth I added a Monki fleece jacket and either my striped fake fur scarf or my black&white checkered scarf. I don’t remember wearing much else actually. There’s a little tragic story about this fake fur scarf: I was really, really, badly craving for it, but any time of the 3 times I ordered it, they told me one day later that it went out of stock and they had to cancel my order. So my boyfriend tried to order it secretly and it surprisingly worked for him. Even more surprisingly, it worked for me too, the 4th time I’ve tried it (never give up on
someone you love, ha). It was a thrilling race of two postmen I didn’t even know about until my doorbell rang: Mine was the winner. Bad luck for my boyfriend who wanted to surprise me but good luck for me either way. I’m happy with my scarf. I also sewed a big button on it to make it easier to wear over one shoulder.


Coat: Asos | Fake fur scarf: Asos | Fur loafers: Celestina Tanzi | Backpack: Asos

I don’t know why but my new Tom Ford glasses make me look so nerdy. I feel like ordering a vegan mocca latte while reading a science book in a hip small bakery.

THE ultra winter life hack:

Fleece Jackets!!

I  even bought two, haha.



Striped pants&backpack: Asos | Boots: Dr. Martens | Scarf &fleece jacket: Monki | Sweater: H&M

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