New Year’s Glitter

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Whether you’re a “New Year’s Eve Grinch” like I was last year, a family orientated “let’s watch Dinner For One and the fireworks right after”-celebrator or a wild, rockets and bangers firing “terror pyromaniac”: I hope all of you had a great start into 2014! I celebrated New Year’s Eve with my friends and went to a home party. We clinked glasses on a nearby bridge at midnight, watched the fireworks and fired some ourselves before heading to a club right after. It was a fun night, starting with the huge buffet and unlimited alcohol, my New Year’s kiss at midnight, weird things happening like people asking to take pictures of my socks, us dancing in the middle of an empty dance floor in the silliest way just to prove the guy wrong who said that “every female dance move looks beautiful”. I caught a cold and was exhausted when I left the club sometime in the afternoon to drive to a hospital – but don’t worry, just to visit someone there.
I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions: I will drink more, smoke more and eat more unhealthy food just to be different (okay, not really). Everything that encourages people to become better persons can’t be bad obviously, but when this is the 10th time making the same New Year’s resolution you should be concerned about your endurance. 

I bought this colourful sequin dress ages ago thinking I would someday find an occasion to wear it – which I finally did! It waited patiently in my wardrobe for its final chance to shine. I could have combined it very differently to make it more elegant, but I was overdressed anyway and wanted to dress it down as much as I could.


 I applied some fake lashes at my bottom lashes – four for every eye.
That made my look a bit more Barbie-like.


Sequin midi dress: Asos │ Blouse: Monki │ Beanie: Ebay │ Pony necklace: Asos                                 

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