New Year´s Eve Nails

Today I decided to paint my nails with sparkling glitter polish for New Year’s Eve. I used OPI’s “Last Friday night”, “02 Circus confetti” by Essence, plain black polish, topcoat, nailglue, tiny stars and glimmering pieces of stickers I found. Using stickers cut to thin lines was a spontaneous idea, you could use silver polish on a striper instead or your Christmas tree’s tinsel haha. I bought the stars at an arts supply store for 3€ and now I have enough to decorate my nails with them until they fall off.
I first painted 3 fingers black and 2 fingers blue on each hand, using two coats of the “Last Friday night” polish. I put 3 dots of nailglue on the blue coloured nails and added stars on top using a toothpick dipped into see-through polish (this way it’s easier to pick them up). I fixed them with a topcoat and I put the colourful glitter polish on my black nails. Because I wanted to create some firework-stars I cut a random sticker with a sparkling background to pieces and pushed them on both of my middle fingers. Now one last time the topcoat and you’re done!
Happy new year
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