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Hello, my name is Malin and I’m an online shopper. It’s my greatest addiction and sometimes my biggest problem. A true love-hate relationship! But I guess I’m surrounded by likeminded people here Ordering online is always a risk: You never know whether the clothes will fit or if you still like them when you try them on. If not you cry one silent tear and have to organise the annoying return. But I can’t count the times I received something broken or even completely wrong which I couldn’t send back that easily. Then it’s up to me to call the customer service, send e-mails, return the package, wait for my money back.. And most of the time the shop isn’t willing to help. So much effort for something what should be so easy. If it wasn’t for this huge variety online I wouldn’t even bother. And not to forget my laziness haha


Here is my toplist of disappointments:
Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal – Broken and way too large (150€)

 I couldn’t
wait for these shoes to arrive and had to pay about 30€ for the delivery
(including customs duty) – when I finally got the package and tried them on,
about 10 studs came off just by walking in my room for a minute AND they were
nearly 2 sizes too large I couldn’t send them back, it would have
been too expensive. I just put 2 soles in them to make them fit and glued all
the studs back on, but it was work! I’m sure more studs will come off, even
though I put glue on every single one. They were supposed to become my new favourite pair of shoes..



Topshop – Item not as pictured (36€)

When I
ordered at Topshop a month ago I didn’t get the shorts I wanted: they looked
completely different. The customer service was useless
and disorganised when I wanted them to at least pay me the cost of the return,
it made me so mad! It took ages and a ridiculous effort to get my money. I won’t
order there again. (Okay, probably I will because they sell wonderful clothes, but I will sulk for a while)

New Look – Poor quality and broken (10€)
(I took the
picture when I already fixed everything)
I know it’s
a cheap shop, but the collar I received was completely useless: The rhinestone
was attached in the wrong place and all the studs were loose or fell off. I had
to sew on everything, it was less effort than sending it back. I think I never
received anything with a lower quality.
Kosmetik4less – Wrong item (2€)
My latest
purchase a few days ago: False bottom lashes from a german online shop. They
mixed up the numbers and sent me horrible pink feather lashes instead of the
plain black ones I ordered.  When I
called the customer service they were very nice and told me I could keep them –
they would send me the right ones for free. Yesterday they arrived At least
one good experience, they turned a disappointment into a win! And now I have something to shock everyone at the next motto party haha
Did you
ever make bad experiences with online shops?
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