OOTD: Ready To Climb That Glacier/ Iceland

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My “outfit of the day” doesn’t
include platform heels and a handbag, it includes an ice-pick and crampons.
Strictly speaking, it’s not the OOTD it’s more like the OOLM – “Outfit of last
month” when my boyfriend and I travelled through Iceland. When you’re stuck in
a city most of the time you sometimes need a bit of fresh air. The fresh air on
top of a glacier, for instance. We booked a tour to climb on the Sólheimajökull glacier, where we tried
ice-climbing too. We helped a local farmer with the sheep round up, when they
collect the sheep from the highland and put them all in one big sorting area. To
know which sheep belongs to which farmer, you have to jump on top of one sheep,
clamp it between your legs and pull them up by their horns to somehow manage
taking a look at the chip in their ears. It was sheep rodeo basically. One
actually bucked me off. We also went to the oldest swimming pool in Iceland,
which is built into the mountain next to it. The water comes out
of a thermal spring and is super warm – even though it was close to snowing
outside. We then did a jeep tour through rough valleys and went hiking in the
most remarkable places.
know this has nothing to do with fashion – unless you’re thinking of giving
your next outfit some edge (literally) with some cool crampons, but I thought I
might share my pictures.
is very expensive to visit, but it should be on everyone’s must-see-before-I-die-list.
It was amazing! Not very relaxing though, but adventurous.

that’s me, working those ice-picks like a pro, haha:
guys, there is no bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow – just some fashion
Part 2 will follow
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