1000 And One Playsuits

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Sorry for the
lame pun. My new super short playsuit has this cool oriental pattern on it (it’s
not too short though, it has exactly the right length to cover it all up). If
Aladdin and Yasmine were wearing playsuits they would pick this one for sure.

We took the
pictures in a little village in Bavaria, where I’m now for a visit. You get
more strange looks than home in Berlin (or any other big town) when dressing a
bit more noticeably. Fashion isn’t very important here but that’s actually
quite nice. Everything here is so down to earth and rustic. I love the towns
around the village, Nürnberg and Erlangen with all those pretty alleys, flowers
and country charm. It’s the pure German culture! Actually I should be wearing a
traditional dirndl instead of my oriental playsuit. 


Guess how
much I paid for the belt? 1€ and haha it’s not worth more but I like it even
though it’s close to falling apart.

Playsuit: Milanoo* │ Sandals: Shelly’s London │ Kimono knit jacket: Romwe │ Belt: Second Hand           

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