Fashion Is A Playground For Grown-Ups

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This is the
outfit I previously was wearing at the blogger workshop. The little girl in me wants
to play: Not with monster toys and worms anymore (I was a weird kid) but with
clothes! The wardrobe is my new playground where I can fool about as much as I like.
I loved this colourful two-piece right from the start when I found it here. It
looks so cute, childish and playful! It perfectly captures my attitude towards
fashion: I want to have fun with it and I want to stick out.

When I was
little I never understood how grown-ups could possibly be as thrilled by the
look of a shop filled with clothes as I was by the look of a shop filled with
toys. When I now think about how I collected cuddle toys, built tiny worlds for
them and made up stories about them, it’s not so far off from how I treat my
clothes today, haha! I’m still collecting things and I too make up stories,
like when I dress according to a theme just for fun. I just don’t let my
clothes sleep in tiny beds, that would be a bit weird.

I bet my 7
year-old me would’ve loved this outfit!

Two piece set: Persunmall *│ Sneakers: Adidas │ Barrette: Vintage │ Teddy bear earring: my past        

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