Plastic Fantastic

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If there’s a
trend that I absolutely fell for, it’s PVC. PVC skirts, to be precise! There is
just something about this high gloss doll-like look, but it’s definitely not
for everyone. I just clumsily joined Polyvore (and accidentally posted
collages twice on my blog without wanting it, sorry for the spam haha). Now I
put together a collage of my favourite Barbie gear


I actually just bought the
baby blue one (No.7) and ordered the pink midi skirt (No.8) from Missguided – but watch out: it’s
rather nude than pink, that’s why I’m returning it.

The midi skirts can be styled classy and chic, but you have to be extra brave
for the short ones. The pink skirt in the middle (No.5) by American Apparel is
a real challenge – but certainly one I would love to accept!

If you’re a
real Barbie girl and prefer plastic over cloth, come sing with me: ”I’m a
barbie girl, in a barbie wooorld! Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! 
You can brush my hair, undress me
everywheeere. Imagination,
life is your creation!”


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