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A while ago we had a photography project at university about horizons. We were able to do with that topic whatever we liked. I thought about horizons in a city like Berlin, about perspectives in life and about how buildings, the city itself, are blocking your view. I’ve spent a few minutes wandering around the so called RAW-Gelände which is right at the Revaler Strasse– it’s known for its bars and night life. It’s one of the last alternative remains in the center of Berlin, full of graffiti, trash and empty beer bottles. A little bit dirt, a little bit of Berlin’s true heart. There you can find some clubs which have settled in the old, postindustrial buildings. This place has a certain spirit I tried to capture. Mostly I took pictures of fences. I wrote some oh so poetic text about amusement and decay and in that sense questioned my own life style to go along with it and got the best mark. I only used the pictures which show the
buildings, not the ones with me in them.


Dress: H&M | Boots: Office | Coat: Vintage

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