Red Lips At The AMD Show And Tell Graduate Event

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My university (AMD  – Academy of Fashion&Design) organizes a
fashion show each semester where all of the freshly graduated designers,
journalists and managers
present their graduation performance. It’s a cool
event where students and fashion interested people gather. You can flip through
the magazines each of the fashion journalists produced on their own, or take a
look at the bachelor thesis papers the managers wrote at an elaborately
decorated booth. That was especially exciting for me, because I will have to
write one just like those in the foreseeable future. The highlight of the
evening was the fashion show: Each of the design graduates presented the
collection she or he has been working on for the last months. I knew one of the
graduates and had helped another one with modeling, so I was especially excited
how their work turned out. And the show was great! So much creativity and
talent: Straitjackets and mental home inspired outfits, fashionable blood
stains, newspaper prints plus matching newspaper frills and cagelike, body
deforming cuts – I loved what they created and the fact that the collections
were so diverse made it very entertaining. They played different versions of “Smells like teen
” throughout the show and I’m pretty sure it’s stuck in my head forever.

Apparently Sara Nuru (from Germany’s
Next Topmodel
) was there but I didn’t see her and they probably just
photoshopped her in there to make the event seem more important. Some other students from my course
showed up and I also took my new boyfriend with me, who has never been to a
fashion show before. Most of the time he showed the same facial expression that
I probably have when he is explaining me something about football. My favourite
part of the evening was when he accidentally knocked over his glass of wine and
it shattered on the ground in the middle of the show with the loudest sound a
glass can make, so that everybody at our corner turned their heads.
I didn’t want to take any pictures,
the official ones are better than everything I would have produced in a hurry:
If you want you can check them out at >Fashionstreet-Berlin<
But what I can show you is my outfit
from that day! I made it dressed like this through a 7 hour long working
session at Starbucks, where we worked on our booklet, went to the Show and Tell
event afterwards, ate dinner at Burger King and then went to a home party. For
most of this I was probably pretty overdressed
The beanie is DIY – I simply bought
a plain beanie from Ebay and sewed some black hat veil around it. I’ll do the
same thing with a pink, blue and red beanie and I’m sure I will post a little
guide on here soon.


Crop top: Forever 21 │ Skirt: Monki │ Shoes: Office │ Beanie: DIY │ Choker: Ebay                             

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