I Joined The Martens Club

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For a long
time I’ve wanted to own a pair of iconic Dr Martens and now I finally got one –
the red patent classic boots! I still remember though that I thought some years
ago how “chunky” and “unfeminine” they looked whenever I saw girls wearing them.
It’s funny how taste changes, because now I love them and can’t criticize a
single thing. What probably turned me off was how people in Berlin combined
them: with pink leo mohawks and Mercedes stars as chain pendants. Any punk item
would look weird and misplaced on me I thought, but when I started testing different
styles I realized that there are 1000+ ways to prettily combine those boots. I
love how they add edge to every outfit whether it’s a flower dress or a pair of
jeans. If I could I would buy one in every colour: pastel blue, black and white
are already on the wish list.

fulfilled my little shoe dream actually was the online shop Cloggs – big thank
you at this point by the way! They offer a lot more than just Dr Martens if you
want to check them out (when you’re from the UK you even get free next day
To inaugurate my new shoes the right way I wore them when I went to
a small concert from one of my favourite bands: Bonaparte (watch! ). They are somewhat
punk trash rock.. somewhere into that direction. Their concert was for free and
just around the corner at the park next to my house – I love living in Berlin. It
was almost a stand-up comedy show this time when the singer made an old lady in
the audience sing the lyrics, tried to climb a parasol and failed and then read
out the weather broadcast live on radio.

Dr Martens: via Cloggs│Coat: Vintage│Dress, leg harness: Asos│Necklace: Ebay│Beanie: DIY           

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