Sliced Throats Are No Accessories

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Or are
they? So far I only sported my blood choker on Halloween and it was suitable
for the occasion. Now I used it to give my outfit some unusual edge, I didn’t
want to make it look too elegant. And I guess sliced throats make everything a
bit less elegant – but much more fun! If you now want to wear body liquids
around your neck too – no need to hurt yourself, you can get it here on Ebay
(They even sell monster blood and stitches – yeay). 

Isn’t it amazing how TANNED I look after 3 weeks in hot South America? So glad all the hours in the sun paid off. *Irony off
I’m loving
my new playsuit from Persunmall! It’s simpler and more elegant than most of my
clothes, but all the details – from straps to colour – make it perfect.


Playsuit: Persunmall* │ Fake Fur Jacket: Ebay │Choker: Ebay │ Boots: Zara │ Earrings: Gogo Phillip    

I wore this
outfit at university first and then for the store opening party of ReFash – a
cute little Vintage store (with online shop!) located in Berlin/ Neukölln. What makes them stick out
is their really cute and lovingly selected assortment which totally meets my
taste. You can also get some “reinvented” Vintage clothes and accessories from different designers, who all turn old into new.
performing – those girls can sing!


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