Rocket Nails / Carnival of Cultures

If I ever surprisingly performed a career as an astronaut and travelled to other planets I’d probably wear this design on my nails. I spontaneously bought one of the new polishes from Manhattan, a metallic blue fast drying beauty (Named 101S). It was really hard to get it off though. The colour already looked very “outer spacy” and a simple rocket with stars seemed to be the best idea. Was very easy to draw with a striper!
Here comes my inspiration for all those other universe conquerors whose adventures in outer space are limited to watching Star Trek, jumping really high and drawing rockets on fingernails.

weekend we had another cool festival in Berlin, called the carnival of cultures. It’s all about ethnic diversity, funny
costumes and dancing. I’ve been wandering around on the street festival since Friday
and on Sunday was the big parade. Berlin always pretends to be little Rio de Janeiro that day. We’ve seen it a million times before, so I
spent most of my day at a garden party only a few meters away from the
carnival. When we finally got up to watch the parade we ended up following a
wagon of our own culture – the techno culture. Dancing to hot Samba rhythms
just isn’t my thing.




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