Be 22, Feel 30, Dress 8

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pinafore dress, Barbie-like top and sneakers? That was my look in 2000 too when
I was 8. Now the print says “Sick girl” instead of “Barbie” and with 8 I
probably didn’t wear a hair clip with little pills on it, but hey at least something has to change.
ironically bought this cropped t-shirt when I was struggling with my health. I
bought it for fun even though the label had another meaning in mind. What do
they say? When live gives you lemons wear a t-shirt making fun about it. Maybe
they sell other tops for people with other problems too, I don’t know. Maybe
there’s a “Drunk girl” t-shirt out there suitable for everyone with a drinking
problem, a “Broke girl” t-shirt for all the ladies who are facing financial
trouble or an “Illiterate girl” t-shirt for everyone who can’t read.

Top: Sick girl  │ Denim pinafore dress: Vintage │ Sneakers: Asos │ Pills Hair Clip: Blackdoorbeauty

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