“Soft Pink Dyed Hair Tips“

This is my hairdresser’s interesting interpretation of my wish to dye my hair tips light pink. Everything is bleached and dyed magenta except my hairline and my fringe. She didn’t even blend the colour, it’s like a straight line on the back of my head and then an abrupt step on the sides.
One good advice: Don’t go to the trainee.
Especially when she has problems to speak your language. I went to that store because someone recommended it and I was willing to pay more so I wouldn’t end up with messed up hair (again). Nice try. At least they were really sorry, I paid 30€ less and the master hairdresser will fix it next time for free. Until then I feel strangely attracted to my hat collection again. The hairdresser already tried to fix it but there wasn’t much to do. He made the transition smoother and put pink highlights in my fringe. 
I guess I’ll have to get used to it and wait about 1 year until it grows out. But that’s alright because it looks cool somehow. It was a nice shocker for my friends and family though haha
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