Space Giraffe Nails

Ididn’t visualize a pink giraffe drifting through space when I started doing „something“ with my nails but in the end this is how it looks like to me, but maybe I’m just too imaginative haha. It’s pretty simple: I just painted my nails pink, added a crackling yellow top coat at the sides and glued some big glitter in the middle. I love easy AND cool designs!
Oh and good news: the Christmas gifts I allowed to buy myself finally arrived! That took forever!! I couldn’t resist those great offers around Christmas when browsing ChoiesNasty Gal and Romwe. On the last 3 days, every day one package arrived and now I’m super happy about my new cool stuff. Romwe even gave out free Christmas gifts with orders over 60$, that turned out to be a cute dress with an autumn leaves print in a Christmas stocking. The best thing are the Jeffrey Campbell shoes though, I’m in love with every JC design anyway!


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