Strawberry Milkshake

Iproudly present to you another girly pinkish flowery outfit that I love Think I found the perfect earrings for my shorts. And about the other accessories: This is one of my favourite combinations, these two see-through rings and the quartz necklace. The black lace in the back is nearly a bit too much, but I like “too much” anyway.
And thanks to Cutepolish for the great nailart design idea! She has this really nice YouTube channel with lots of beautiful ideas and easy to follow tutorials. I tried this one: „Glamorous Neon Leopard Nails“ and it worked perfectly, even though it took some time to draw all these leopard spots. I didn’t have a nailpolish with bigger glitter so I added 3 rhinestones on every silver nail. It’s one of the best designs I ever had on my nails I think

Jumper: American Apparel │ Shorts: Asos │ Shoes: Coco California │ Earrings: Asos                                                                                                                                                                                  

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