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Lots of leather right here! But synthetic leather, obviously. The coat is actually a man’s jacket and has this cool silver sparkling lining inside. I once got it as a present from someone who didn’t wear it, I never thought I’d put it on so many times, it became one of my favourite jackets! I bought the wedges a while ago for an unbelievable single-digit price during a super sale and cut off some buckles. They don’t fit perfectly, but whatever, they were such a bargain haha.
Like the dress, I bought the necklace back in Australia. I was a backpacker for quite a few months and I didn’t even try keeping up with the trends when I was there. I was isolated from any news, not only about fashion. When I came back everyone told me I was wearing a “Hipster”-necklace because it’s a triangle and I couldn’t understand the excitement about an usual geometrical shape. First thought it was a joke. But now, after many months of Vogue reading and fashion blog following, I’m totally up to date again and can’t believe how many things change in fashion during 8 months. The good old days are over when you could simply wear a triangle without expressing anything, I still think it’s somehow ridiculous.

Jacket: Joop! Menswear │ Dress: Minkpink │ Wedges: Weekday │ Necklace: Sportsgirl                      



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