Teacher’s Nightmare

My new super soft sweater from Zalando arrived and it’s got lots of gaping holes in it. But don’t worry – this isn’t an online shopping disaster, it’s fashion! I do see the irony in buying new clothes which are already destroyed, but it’s all in the detail. I don’t think your everyday wardrobe moth could come up with such a design. (And if yes, please send it to me).

If I still
went to school and was wearing this (provided that I still went to school in general –
which I luckily don’t) I would automatically feel a bit more badass. “Badass” in
the sense of putting my boots on the table and not listening to the teacher
complaining, or secretly smoking in a cabin in the ladies’ room during breaks.
Even the bitchy cheerleaders would be intimidated.
Too bad I
didn’t come up with this when I was still a pupil – I used to be one of those
shy girls who don’t even dare to answer the teacher’s questions.


(For the
record: I am wearing a bra haha)
actually is the matching bag for the last outfit I wrote about – perfect raven
look, too bad I forgot about it!

Sweater: 10Feet (via Zalando)* │ Skirt: Vintage 1€ │ Boots: Office│ Bag: Fiorelli                                 


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