The Coca Cola Ugly Christmas Sweater With Flashing Lights

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Most other
people probably planned to wear something like a nice black dress on
Christmas eve to convince the aunties and uncles they only meet once a year anyway
that they have transformed into halfway decent grown ups. I however decided to
show my family my true embarrassing self by putting on an awesome ugly
Christmas sweater with real, flashing lights. Yes, they are flashing. It’s from the Coca Cola x
Primark Christmas collection: I usually don’t buy at Primark and I’ve actually sworn
to myself I’d never go there again, but when one of my colleagues casually mentioned
they sell flashing Christmas sweaters I knew I had my Christmas outfit ready. So
with a little bit of shame and guilt I rushed to the nearest Primark store and purchased
this beauty. It has cost me 22€ and some nerves but I couldn’t be happier –
even though it’s not possible to wash it due to the electricity inside. I guess
sweating means game over. But the best about this is: My boyfriend bought the exact same sweater. And of course we have worn
it together. When you decide to go full retard, never go full retard alone.

Little truck…

Sweater: Primark │ Present earrings: Accessorize │ Christmas star flower crown: DIY

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