The Fashion Police

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Don’t feel comfortable in your neighborhood anymore? People wearing crocs, old-fashioned haircuts and ugly Christmas sweaters are surrounding you? You already thought about moving, because your eyes can’t bear the tragedy anymore? Hold on, there’s help! Just call the fashion police (aka me wearing something military inspired) and I’ll take care of that! With noisy sirens and a flashing pink light on top of my official fashion police car I’ll arrest every unfashionable perpetrator and put them into the prison of chicness

Tartan shorts: AX Paris* │ Sweater: Vintage │ Badge: Warsaw│ Leather cap: Asos │ Boots: Office       

I have no idea what this badge says, it’s probably something offensive.
I know it’s
too cold to be nice outside, but I loved the fog and the dark/ grey colours we
had in Berlin recently.  They created a
special kind of mood that would never be possible in summer.
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