The Viking’s Shadow: Iceland

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Before my boyfriend and I went to Iceland, “somebody” told me that I should only put
clothes in my suitcase which I’d normally wear during December in Berlin. I
trusted him and didn’t double check anything regarding this great advice. I had
to find out the hard way that Iceland is not like December in Berlin. Maybe if suddenly
a new ice age started in December. I had to borrow lots of functional clothing
and didn’t get to wear much of my skirts and light tops, which admittedly aren’t
even appropriate in Berlin this time of the year. What I did wear was my huge black feather collar vintage
sweater – since Iceland is Viking country, I almost felt like one (except I was
missing the beard and the horned helmet)

Hooray for
big sweaters!

Sweater: Vintage │ Boots: Office │ Coat: Vintage

I wore this
on my last day in Iceland. It’s nearly the season, so I’ll top this off with a
bit of fun knowledge about Iceland’s Christmas: A surprisingly high number of Icelandic people believe in superstition – especially in elves and trolls. That’s why
they don’t have a Santa Claus, they have 13 naughty Christmas trolls. And
instead of a nice roast goose, they serve a very special Christmas dish on
December 23: fermented skate with melted sheep tallow and potatoes. They let
the fish rot inside buckets they put outside their houses (better than inside I guess). Probably Christmas doesn’t smell like cinnamon and baked apples over there. And when you think
that’s weird you haven’t seen them eating severed sheep heads in restaurants. I
already miss this culinary madness!

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