3 Three Floor Dresses – Toss Or Keep?

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I’ve a
huge label crush on Three Floor. The style is cleverly seductive and each and
every one of their pieces so far has caught my eye immediately. There’s just
something about the cuts, the colours, the lace, the wild mix of everything.. And
somebody at this label doesn’t seem to like symmetry. They’re mostly selling party
dresses and I wish I had a fancy occasion everyday so I could be sporting a
different Three Floor dress each day. Their designs usually cost 100-200€,
which is a great price for those unique pieces actually. It’s totally affordable!
When I saw that the prices of some of their dresses dropped from over 200€ to
50€ in the sale my heart started beating twice as fast and my finger magically
clicked on “Buy”. You can have a look at the sale at Asos (where I bought them),
right at the Three Floor page or here at Styligion.
The only
problem now: They look too similar to justify buying all three of them. 

I ordered
the pretty Wixson dress, which is
absolutely gorgeous and looks best with dotted tights – when the dress already
consists of a patter mix why stop there? I also love the pleated skirt which
gives it a subtle school girl touch:

Dress: Three Floor │ Tights: H&M │ Heels and studded belt: Asos │ Velvet choker: Ebay

The Hunky Dory dress is a bit (too?) ghetto,
especially teamed with net tights and overknees, which I never thought I would
dare to combine. Maybe I’m going to wear it with black sneakers next time,

Dress: Three Floor │ Overknee boots: Vagabond │ Leather cap: Asos

How cute is
this Pip Pop dress? Even too cute to
handle for me without my Dr Martens. The scalloped seam at the top of the skirt
is an extra clever detail, but you have to look closer to see it:

Dress: Three Floor │ Big velvet bow and lace choker: Ebay │ Dr Martens: Zalando

Honestly, I
have no idea how I should have the heart to kick out even one of those. Which one would you keep?

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