Three T-Shirts = Three Different Styles

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I got all three
of these t-shirts from Librastyle, a small Italian label which sells cool
prints through Etsy. I thought it would be fun to put together three totally different
outfits with them.
I’m wearing
the first one with the pink pineapples because I don’t easily accept that
summer is over. Maybe I’ll have to wear pants now and put on a sweater or a
cardigan, but the love for tropical temperatures and cocktails by the pool is
still present and always will be. Who says I can’t put on a tropical look in
autumn? A bit of pineapple here, a bit of giraffe there, and then top it off
with a tiny bit of leopard – tadaa: 

Tropical t-shirt: Librastyle* │Wedges: Thrifted │ Embellished Cap and pants: Asos │ Jacket: Romwe

immediately fell for this vintage looking motor oil print shirt. Fun fact: My
mom’s boyfriend loves everything vintage looking and that’s why our flat is now
more or less completely decorated with this stuff and I blend in perfectly when
I’m wearing this t-shirt. For this look I secretly stole his King of Queens
bomber jacket, because it was the perfect addition. I still remember watching
countless episodes after school haha, oh good old times.

Motor oil t-shirt: Librastyle* │ Shorts: Zara │ King of Queens college jacket: Vintage │ Boots: Zara

I always
feel like the 6th Spice Girl when I’m wearing my baby blue patent
leather mini skirt. In regard of that, double buns were the natural thing to

Donut cropped t-shirt: Librastyle* │ Skirt: Asos │ Cardigan: Vintage (handmade) │ Shoes: London Rebel

The cute
nail polish is from American Apparel and has the beautiful name “Daisy Field
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