Through Argentina In 3 Weeks

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You didn’t
read anything on here for roughly a month now, because I replaced my high heels
with hiking boots and spent the last weeks exploring rainforests and walking
endless miles on dusty hiking trails. I spontaneously joined my boyfriend and
one of his friends on their trip to Buenos Aires, where my BF’s family lives in
a nice house. I arrived with the most horrible flu I’ve ever had in my life and
had to go straight to the hospital. From then on, it only got better, a lot
better! Recovering goes a lot faster, when you’re doing it next to a pool, I found

First we
went all the way up to the great Iguazu falls, where we crossed the Brazilian
border and walked through the rainforest surrounding the waterfalls. We met
backpackers, we slept in a cheap hostel and we jumped in the hostel pool at
night – it was great. I finally woke up the hippie/ backpacker inside of me
that was sleeping there since I travelled through whole Australia with a
campervan 2 years ago. I even wore the same simple outfit two days in a row.

Yes, we went on that boat trip!
returning to Buenos Aires I managed not to make a fool of myself when I got to
know my boyfriend’s family, explored the poor but colourful district La Boca
with the guys, ate Dulce De Leche, great steaks and drank Mate tea, went to a
Tango event and several “Asados” (BBQ’s) and got to know some of the cool bars
in Buenos Aires. One of them you could only enter with a password, then you
came into a big dark room with nothing in it but a telephone booth: The phone
then started ringing, and when I picked it up I had to enter a code, before I
could push the back wall of the booth, which happened to be a door. That was
the coolest entry to a bar I have ever seen!


 After we already saw the hot north
of the country we went down to the cold south: Patagonia. Patagonia is no man’s
filled with large barren steppes, lonely mountains and lamas. There you
can find some of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes – going hiking was
amazing! We first drove to the small mountain village El Chaltèn, from where we
walked a long track to the lake Laguna Torre. I know I’m drowning you in
pictures, but that was one of the most amazing walking tracks I have ever seen
– even compared to Australia! All the other tracks starting around the town
were just as great though. If I didn’t see those landscapes with my own eyes I
would have thought they didn’t exist.
Fresh glacier water!
I convinced
the boys to go horse riding with me and we went on a 4 hour long trip to an
isolated cabin, while the dogs who were accompanying us were chasing wild
rabbits. Everything felt so natural!
We named my
horse “Silent wind”. Thinking about it, we should have rather called it “Loud
wind”. Even before we started, our group’s attention was drawn to the black
horse, because it was making loud noises. With its butt. I have never heard so
many and so loud flatulences coming from an animal. When the horses got
assigned and it was the turn of the black one, I hid behind the boys. But the
cowboy just pointed at me and chose me for that horse with a big grin on his
face. At least this way, I could never be the one riding behind it. 
We also
drove to El Calafate, where we saw glaciers and icebergs. And flamingos. I
would have never guessed that could be a place for flamingos! I climbed over a
fence and ran over a muddy lawn, ruining my new shoes, just to get to them.
I can’t
believe that it has only been three weeks – it feels like I stayed there
forever. We saw and did so many funny, wild and refreshing things, that I’ll
use that now as my energy to return to my boring university life which starts
again tomorrow. 
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