Trippy Glow In The Dark Festival Nails

I’m back from the Fusion Festival and officially returned to what they call “reality“. Now I will have to wait another year until I can enter this weird dimension again. Even though I slept for approximately 3 days straight my head is still a passenger on the fusion rocket on it’s way to never never land. As exhausting as it is I need my timeout from everything normal, reasonable and rational and I always feel I return as a advanced person.. there is always something happening on this festival that changes my view about a certain thing or gives my live a slightly different direction.


However I just wanted to show you my festival nail design which even glows in the dark! Great as a light in dark Dixi toilets or tents

I didn’t
expect it to glow that much! The
first night I had a mini heart attack when I just wanted to grab the
blanket and these lights appeared in front of my face, took my sleepy mind a
moment to figure it out haha.
(oh and by
the way that was my first try at stamping – at some points I would have liked
to throw the damn stamp through my room, but when I was finally done I was proud)
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