Tropical Jungle Adventures At Home

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aren’t many rainforests filled with colourful birds and never before seen
flowers to explore in Berlin. If you wanted to explore alleys smeared with
graffiti or buzzing shopping streets Berlin would be the No1 choice though. But
because jungles are more fun I built my very own one at home in just two easy
steps: Asking my grandma if I could borrow her lion and putting it next to me.
And now,
from my home-built DIY jungle, I’m presenting you two tropical outfits. One of
them would surely acquire the acknowledgement of dear Donatella Versace.. if
she was into 1€ second hand belts.


Skirt: Persunmall* │Crop Top: Topshop │ Sandals: Shelly’s London │ Belt: Vintage │ Sunglasses: Asos  


Trousers: Persunmall* │ Top: Zara │ Leo Hat: Asos │ Wedges: Zara                                                   

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