City Safari OOTD + Hamburg Pics

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I’m dressed
for Africa but my money was just enough for a short trip to Hamburg. But
nevermind, I simply explored the “wild” harbour and the “exotic” bars of the
city instead. A few friends and I spent some days in Hamburg and we did all this
typical tourist stuff like drinking Astra beer at the harbour, spending Saturday
night in all kinds of small bars and eating freshly caught fish at the fish
market on Sunday morning. I wanted to check out this street too, where the
prostitutes work and where other women are forbidden. It’s not like I’ve never
seen prostitutes before, I just wanted to have a look because people told me I
couldn’t. You could sell me anything like this: reverse psychology and the
sweet feeling of doing something you aren’t ought to do. I nearly got hit by a bottle though (wow they’re so aggressive!) and the street wasn’t very
entertaining (looked just like Amsterdam’s red-light-district) but it’s safe to say it
was a fun night.

headband was in the goodie bag from some fashion event – it’s from Bonprix. I
never thought I would wear it until I “accidentally” turned the scarf into a
(Flamingos on my nails!)

Denim pinafore dress: Vintage │ Palm tee: Asos │ Platforms: Shelly’s London │ Necklace: Topshop

A few (not
x-rated) impressions of Hamburg – mostly it’s a really cute and beautiful city.
I was very impressed actually! They call it the “Small Berlin” but that’s
really not true though.
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