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Nope – I’m not dead. Actually I couldn’t be more alive and that’s exactly why I didn’t post anything: I was busy living. I finished my first semester at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Berlin and survived all the exams, now my semester break has just started. And how it started! I would tell you what I was up to but it’s either too personal or x-rated. But I’ll try it this way:
1. Someone tried to teach me how to ride a motorcycle, but it was so heavy I couldn’t even push it forward and then it fell on me while I was just trying to hold it. I got squished between a thorny bush and the motorcycle and got my first “motorcycle injury”. #badass
2. I had a great time at several clubs in Berlin (“Wilde Renate”, “Kater Holzig”) where the weirdest things happened, here are some examples:
– I argued with a big black guy from Los Angeles about who of us is the boss for approximately one hour.
– I lost my drunk friend in the club and found her 2 hours later after she went home with some guy and had to escape through the bathroom window after he got the condoms out of the drawer and she realized what was going on.
– Someone wrote an angry sms to one of my friends while we were dancing and I took the phone and started dissing the guy for the next 30 minutes or longer in such a funny way that even though some texts were really mean he tried to convince me to come and eat breakfast with him. (I didn’t)
3. I had a midnight-picnic next to a lake, where we put candles around us and mixed cocktails for two.  
4. I know someone with a house in the middle of 1000 roses. They have a rowboat and it’s the most wonderful place to go swimming.
5. I sneaked into a play at the opera by just following the crowd of people in and nobody checked for the tickets. The opera took place in the court of a little castle and right at the finale when everybody was singing the biggest falling star I’ve ever seen came down the sky.

Dress: Miss Selfridge │ Wedges: Asos │ Necklace: Asos │ Flowercrown: Asos │ Ring: Fleamarket           




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