Velvet Pacific – Blue Lipstick

Wearing weird colours of lipstick isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. Blue lipstick can make you look like an extra from “thriller” pretty quickly. You either look like the undead are rising or like you are searching for the next victim to sacrifice in some kind of evil satan ritual. My pale skin doesn’t make it easier. I chose this look for a –what I thought – tolerant environment: as club outfit for “Kater Holzig”. But even there people made annoying remarks and I mean that’s a place where I saw a girl walking around only dressed with a net, or a big guy wearing nothing but neon green clothes (even his backpack was neon green). Is there a guy completely trashed crawling on the ground in the middle of the dancefloor? So what! Is there a girl wearing blue lipstick? Stone her! 
I guess even a demanding door policy can’t keep all the douches out.
But either way I think that the pieces match perfectly and they don’t scream “goth” or “zombie” and I felt very comfortable


The blue lipstick is No.292 out of the “Pacific Blue Collection” from Inglot, one of my favourite make-up brands. My lips felt a little bit dry but it lasted throughout the night.


Top: Evil twin │ Pants: Asos │ Old necklace: London market │ Loafers: Sportsgirl                                 




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